Bridgeway Counseling Center 
Private and Confidential
About Bridgeway Counseling Center
At Bridgeway, the Providers are committed to serving you with quality care and service to help you achieve a better life.  Each of our Providers understands that life can be messy.  Life can be challenging and difficult.  Unexpected circumstances, pressures of life, choices we make, seasons we find ourselves in, can be beyond our own ability to navigate.  Yet with a trusted counselor there is hope.  

Bridgeway was established in 2009 to help meet the needs of our community in the area of mental health.  At Bridgeway you will discover we not only provide compassionate and caring counseling services, but also quality testing and assessment services for a wide range of mental health issues.  Bridgeway brings a combined counseling service of over 60+ years.  

Committed to helping our clients live fully.

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